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The Best Cosy Home Ideas

Posted by Bernard Wade on
The Best Cosy Home Ideas

If you’d like to make your living space more cosy and relaxing, make sure you check out our top decorating tips. From dedicated reading nooks to the comfiest materials and fabrics, give your home a makeover today.

Our top tips for a cosy space

Create a reading nook

If you have the space, why not section off a part of your living room and keep it as a special area for reading, doing puzzles, knitting or any other relaxing hobbies. Add a large, comfy armchair that can recline, and an end table with space for magazines, books, mugs of tea and biscuits. When it comes to lighting, look for small table lamps that emit a soft glow, or floor lamps that can be angled towards you.

Choose the right materials

Glass, marble, and metal have a cool, modern feel, but they don’t always create the warmest and cosiest spaces. Look for wooden furniture in both dark and pale tones, as well as hessian and wicker baskets for keeping things tidy. When it comes to fabrics, choose a soft velvet sofa with lots of large, fluffy cushions, as well as warm wool throws and blankets.

Add a fireplace

An open fire is the perfect antidote to cold winter nights. If you already have a fireplace, spruce it up with fairy lights, scented candles, and family photos. If you’re installing a new one, look for reclaimed wooden beams and recycled vintage tiles to surround an eco-friendly wood burner.

interior design

The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Style

Posted by Bernard Wade on
The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Style

These are both sophisticated ways to style your interiors to achieve an appealing and luxurious aesthetic when you follow suitable styling tips. However, they are uniquely different and may cater to different needs depending on the desired style, budget, and other factors.


Modern design styles incorporate vibrant colors in different hues, while contemporary design styles have a more neutral color palette focussing mainly on nudes and bold colors. The modern interior design style is more chic and comfortable to style using various pieces and decor items, readily available in different colors, including shades of green, orange, and blues. Contemporary decor requires more attention to detail, with limited color alternatives to blend in with the overall theme. The prominent colors in this theme are shades of brown, gray, and black.


When styling any interior, there are a variety of materials to consider. Contemporary interior design styles use more glass, stone, metal, and other varied state-of-the-art materials to achieve the desired effect. It focuses on aesthetics with functionality and leaves out anything that is unnecessary. On the other hand, modern styling has a more earthly feel and uses more earthly pieces such as wood, plants, and plant derivatives such as jute, sisal, and others for styling.


Modern interior design is easily distinguishable as it revolves around strong and fine lines with natural, earthy hues. It does not change much, and its characteristics remain the same from the era the style idea was from. Contemporary design is more inclined towards trends and is dynamic depending on what is happening in the interior design world at that particular time. It adopts a few different design styles while still focussing on its main minimal characteristics uniquely and timelessly.


Homes and properties designed and constructed between 1900 and the 1950’s fall in the category of modern homes. They were very particular to detail, adopting almost similar architectural structures and interiors. The furnishings from this period were very distinct, and a good example is the classic Chesterfield chair. It is not as easy to pinpoint specific attributes of contemporary design styles as they are ever-changing. It is the aspect of design influenced by fashion and trends that come and go.

Tylko’s guide to modern and contemporary design helps distinguish between contemporary and modern interior design styles.

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Storage Ideas For Home Interior Design

Posted by Bernard Wade on
Storage Ideas For Home Interior Design

Some of the trending interior design ideas might quite often seem out of place especially if they require expansive spaces. It is a fact that one of the hallmarks of real estate in modern times is that you end up paying more money for a larger space. Therefore, picking an interior design trend is reliant on the space available.

For instance, a house with high ceilings would make chandeliers an impressive addition, while a small loft would make this seem out of place. Instead, a minimalist approach with wall lighting would be a valid recommendation. Perhaps even lampshades placed evenly around the space would give ambient lighting and add some life to the room. It is why we take an in-depth look at storage and how to use such accessories to add style to your living space.

Wall Storage

For centuries, wall storage has been a staple in most of the interior design trends. There were various designs and versions which served different purposes such as storing utensils and holding books. Nowadays, the same trend is often used to add style while eliminating clutter which visually, makes any living space seem unpleasant and congested.

TV Stands

Technology has played an integral part in our lives especially since the advent of the new millennium and several gadgets are a mainstay in our lives. One such electronic has to be the TV. Before, in the early 1960s, the television sets were huge and mainly stand alone. Once the models became more compact, they suddenly needed to be placed on stands which is why TV stands became essential in homes.

Picking a stand is dependent on the scale of the TV since there are smaller ones, 14 inches in length while there are massive ones where the screen is 50 inches or more. There are bespoke shelves available online with an ultramodern sleek look, all of which are customizable to suit your preferences. They can accommodate a TV set while simultaneously holding other items. You can opt for drawers fitted on the bottom compartments while the side compartments are spacious enough to hold small sculptures and other items.

The best part about picking your own design is that you can also have it detailed to your color preference to match your overall interior design style. Furthermore, when it comes to the finish you can opt for oakwood and veneer among others. Visit to customize and order today.